SAT versus ACT

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The ACT versus the New SAT:

How to choose the right test

For most students the best way to obtain a high score is to choose the right test early on, and to focus their energies on studying for that test. Often a student tests better on one test than on the other, sometimes dramatically so. Since colleges do not prefer one test over the other, students should choose the test that gives them a competitive edge.

SAT Versus ACT

Key Similarities

The ACT and SAT test similar math and grammatical concepts and have similar formats. The essays are optional on both tests (although many colleges will prefer to see your writing). Neither essay’s scores affect the total score. Neither test penalizes guessing. There are only 4 answer choices on both tests.

How to Decide

Unless you have already made up your mind on your preferred test format, during our first session, we will look at each test in detail to determine the one that fits you better. If you are still not sure, we will use a diagnostic test to determine the test that will give you a competitive edge.

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