Writing Excellent High School Essays


Building Writing Ability

  • Develop writing skills by learning how to formulate a thesis, organize ideas, construct clear sentences and paragraphs, and develop the art and the craft of persuasion
  • Improve vocabulary and grammar skills images
  • Learn to thrive in English honors (AS) and advanced placement (AP) classes
  • Develop research paper skills
  • Write and deliver oral presentations
  • School assignments in English classes are used as materials from which to build overall writing skills

How We Will Approach Our Lessons

To hone these skills, we will use short writing and critical thinking exercises, as well as analysis of the strategies that make for effective and eloquent arguments. Our sessions will also include paragraphing exercises, critical reading instruction, grammar exercises, vocabulary drills as well as outlining, writing, and revising school essays and research projects.

The College Application Process & College Admission Essays

  • Preparation for the reading and writing sections of the SAT/ACT tests
  • Advice on developing the college application essay
  • Assistance with the complex transition from high school to college writing

Summer Workshop

The summer is an ideal time to advance writing and reading skills. In this workshop, I design a program of reading and writing that promotes general English skill advancement. The main goal is to strengthen the skills learned in the previous grade before practicing the skills that will be needed during the next school year. I  pay close attention to each student’s learning style in order to maximize improvement.

I also offer summer courses in SAT/ACT preparation and guidance for college admission essays.

Get in touch any time to ask questions or to set up a free consultation boulange@alumni.stanford.edu

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