Writing Excellent Essays While in College

Building Writing Ability

We will work together on your assignments while learning the elements that create an excellent essay:

  • Formulating a thesis
  • Constructing clear sentences and paragraphs
  • Developing the art and the craft of persuasion
  • Avoiding logical fallacies
  • Structuring an argument
  • Integrating sources

How We Will Approach Our Lessons

I will coach you in developing your writing assignments. Sessions will also include short writing and critical thinking exercises, paragraphing exercises, as well as analysis of the strategies that make for effective and eloquent arguments.

Sample Assignments We Can Work On

  • Writing about literature
  • Writing in the social sciences
  • Writing for a history class
  • Writing for a philosophy class
  • Developing a research project
  • Developing and performing oral presentations

Get in touch any time to ask questions or to set up a free consultation boulange@alumni.stanford.edu

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