Dear parents and students,

In today’s intensely competitive educational system, students must develop strong writing and reading skills to achieve high grades, superb ACT and SAT scores and write effective college admission essays. Each of my tutoring programs emphasizes those much needed skills so that students can thrive in school and, later, at work.

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Each student who walks into my office has specific learning needs. My goal is to tune into those particular needs and find the teaching key that will promote self confidence with writing for a life time.

“Over the last two years, Denise has motivated, supported and guided me towards writing proficiency. She is the most amazing teacher I have ever had.”

Sandra Shu, Millbrae

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I have learned that there are no bad test takers. With the right guidance, and some hard work, any student can significantly increase his or her scores.

“Denise tutored our daughter for the SAT and helped raise her total score by more than 300 points. The concepts she taught our daughter also improved her school work.”

Mary Okada, San Mateo

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Writing highly effective essays for admission to college is an art. Truly outstanding essays make admission officers feel that they must have a particular student in their university.

“Denise helped me craft my college essays in a way that no counselor or academic adviser can. Because of Denise, I have received a variety of congratulations for being accepted to Yale, the college of my choice.”

 Justin Chan, Hillsborough

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“Denise has been a great help to my son, Nicholas. She helped him increase his SAT score by 350 points and maintain A grades in his AS and AP English classes. She was especially helpful to him with writing his college admission essays. It was quite a struggle for him to find what to write about. Denise patiently asked about various topics. After some weeks of discussion and sample essay writing, they were able to produce excellent admission essays, that got him accepted to three top UC colleges. We cannot thank Denise enough for her dedication and skill.”

Yvonne Tsui, Belmont

“Choosing Denise as a tutor at the beginning of high school was the best decision my parents and I ever made. When I began working with her, my writing skills were below average. Denise helped me achieve A grades in English (and in History), including in AS and AP classes. When time came to prepare for the ACT, she was very patient, letting me know that I would overcome every obstacle and succeed. As a result of her intense preparation, I was able to reach a very high ACT score and a perfect score on the essay. Denise also helped me write great college admission essays. I am happy to report that I applied to over 15 schools and was accepted by 10 of them. It was really hard to choose between the University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, and UCLA. Without Denise Boulange, I know that I would not have had such successful college application results. Thank you so much for your time and efforts. We made it!”

Darren Lo, Millbrae

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